3ft 3in (102cm) Silicone Sex Doll - Rena
3ft 3in (102cm) Silicone Sex Doll - Rena
3ft 3in (102cm) Silicone Sex Doll - Rena
3ft 3in (102cm) Silicone Sex Doll - Rena

3ft 3in (102cm) Silicone Sex Doll - Rena


Rena will be your mini size girlfriend, only 3 feet and 4 inches, 32 lbs, shaped with the best proportion of Japanese anime girl character. Mini as she is, she get everything you want for a girlfriend, plump boobs, sexy hip, proper sized vagina.And thanks to the tiny size body, she is very easy to store. You will never want your doll girlfriend to be found by some curious visitors.

The most important thing is, she is fully made by premium silicone, which is the safest material for a intimate sex toy, which is odor-free and hypoallergenic. Imp4sex think its the first priorty to get yourself safe no matter in real sex life or sex with a doll girlfriend.

Brand:Elsa Babe
Height:3ft.4in./ 102cm Weight:32lbs / 14.5kg
Bust Option: 23 in./60 cm   22 in./56 cm  20 in./52 cm
Hips:23in./ 60cm
Waist:14in./ 37cm
Depth of Vagina:6.1in./ 15.5cm
Material:Premium Silicone 
Skeleton:Stainless Steel

3ft 3in (102cm) Silicone Sex Doll - Rena

What's the difference between silicone and TPE material?

TPEs and Silicones are both soft flexible elastomers. Silicones normally possess the best blend of tensile and tear strength properties, a silicone doll will return to its original shape over and over when stretched. And also silicone offers the advantage of being odor-free and hypoallergenic, making it the material of choice in body contact and food use application. And the TPE could be much cheaper than silicone, and TPEs are recyclable. They can be re-melted and re-molded with ease multiple times.
Its difficult to distinguish whether products are made from silicone or TPE from an appearance standpoint. A trick of the trade is to put the material in question in direct contact with an open flame for a couple minutes. TPEs will start to deform and possibly melt, whereas silicones will remain unaffected.
For the safety of our valuable customers, Imp4sex only provide high quality Japanese anime sex dolls. We believe the health of your penis and sex experience is the first priority, refuse to use cheaper material and low quality for a low price.

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